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Usage Of The Open Marine Schema

The XML schema can be used by anyone to facilitate the transfer of boat data from one place to another. You do not have to be a member of the Open Marine Initiative in order to use the schema. You can find the latest version of the schema here.

Common uses of the schema are:

  • for boating portal websites to share boat data
  • for boat brokers with proprietary systems to be able to upload their data to portals automatically
  • for boat CRM systems or stock management tools to be able to export data to portals

How it Works

The party exporting data will make an XML file containing the data available on the internet (usually via an http(s) URL) and update it periodically, or on-the-fly when it is requested. The party importing the data will periodically download the XML file to import the data into its system.

Membership of the Open Marine Initiative

You do not have to be a member of the Open Marine Initiative in order to use the schema.

A stipulation of membership to Open Marine is that any new member must have well in excess of 10,000 boats to share with other members and must have been trading for at least a year. You will also need to agree to the principles listed on the About The Initiative page If your company meets these basic criteria, your application will be put forward to all existing members who will then consider your membership application.

Please note: Membership to Open Marine is currently suspended awaiting the development of OM Version 2. If you wish to register your interest in Open Marine, then please send us an email with your portal’s address and any other information that may help your membership request.