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About The Initiative

"Open Marine intends to establish an open and interoperable standard for the free transmission of boat and marine equipment specifications across the internet."

Initiative members adhere to the following principles:

  • Boat/marine equipment data is the property of the broker; the Initiative intends to facilitate the broker being able to disperse this information to the classified portal(s) of their choice.
  • As this data is the intellectual property of the broker, there should be no charge for the provision of data feeds.
  • Participants in the initiative believe in open competition on the basis of value, service and effectiveness, not in charging dealers for access to a proprietary standard.
  • Participants are committed to sending/accepting each other's data feeds without prejudice, signatories are pledged to send/accept data feeds from each other without adding any cost or complications.
  • Participants in the initiative believe that the leisure marine industry can best grow by providing the widest possible options and choice to the customer.
  • Participants in the initiative are expected to share data in both directions i.e. to both send and accept data from other members.